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Bentzin Family Town Square Coordinator Hired

Stephanie Juhl had been named the Programming and Events Coordinator for the new Bentzin Family Town Square. In this newly created position, Juhl will oversee all aspects of Town Square event programming at the Town Square and Chair the City’s Bentzin Family Town Square Events Committee. Members of the Committee include representatives from City committees and outside agencies.

“I am super excited to join the team of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry,” said Juhl. “I feel like the position was created for me…I LOVE creating events for people to enjoy.”

For the past 3 years, Juhl has organized the Johnson Creek “Something Special from Wisconsin” event. In addition, she was the Marketing Director for Breathe Salt & Sauna and held various positions, including Marketing and Café Manager at Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters. Most Watertown residents remember her as owner of Juhl Photography which she sold to Eve Photography in 2018. Juhl earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Iowa State University and is a graduate of the UW-Madison Digital Marketing Bootcamp course and a certified ScrumMaster (CSM).

A main goal of the Bentzin Family Town Square is to aid in attracting redevelopment and sparking economic development in the downtown. At the civic heart of the City, this world-class, open-air gathering place welcomes the entire community and visitors to enjoy the arts, culture, commerce, and play…a place to make connections, share experiences, and create memories. “I am looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces at the Bentzin Family Town Square very soon,” Juhl concluded.

The Bentzin Family Town Square is located at 1 W. Main Street in downtown Watertown.



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