The RDA partners with private property owners through its Commercial Revolving Loan Program to help create high quality developments in Watertown. In addition uses tools and resources to help attract investment in the downtown business district. 

2021 RDA Impact Report

Highlighting activities and achievements of the Watertown RDA.


The Commercial Rehabilitative Revolving Loan Program is designed to foster business growth and expansion, to facilitate the development of high-quality upper-level residential units, to update and preserve historic structures, and to increase the overall economic vitality of downtown Watertown. In addition to façade beautification projects, revolving loan funds may be used for structural repairs, and major mechanical upgrades to plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. Loan funds may also be used to offset the cost of project-related expenses such as design, architectural or engineering costs.

In 2021, the Joint Review Board (JRB) approved the Tax Incremental District 8 (TID 8). This cleared the way for work to begin in the district located on 18 acres in the heart of downtown Watertown. In giving the green light for the creation of TID 8, the majority of representatives from the Joint Review Board, which includes the Watertown Unified School District, Jefferson County, Madison College, City of Watertown, and a member-at-large, signaled their support for future development plans surrounding the Town Square, the properties along north Water Street, the former Johnsonville site, the riverwalk, and the Library remodel and expansion.