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Supply Chain Challenges Delay Town Square Opening

Plans to officially celebrate the much anticipated opening of the Bentzin Family Town Square have been rescheduled for Spring 2023. Last week the Watertown Redevelopment Authority (RDA), the committee overseeing the development and construction of the Square, and City learned that the 200-plus feet of custom, picket-style guard railing to edge the Town Square along the Rock River, Main Street bridge and overlook and over 80 feet of high pipe stair rails with lights, are the latest casualty of supply chain challenges.

Even though, key electrical components haven’t arrived, “we could have pulled off a soft opening, ribbon cutting on October 29 using power from batteries and generators,” said Nate Salas, RDA Vice Chair. “We share in people’s eagerness of wanting this venue opened for ‘business’, however, safety always comes first.”

With the railings scheduled to arrive mid-November and installation taking about two weeks, the current plan is to host a small ceremonial ribbon cutting so people feel welcomed to use the Square and then hold a large grand opening celebration in the Spring.

“Construction is on schedule,” reported Tony Meyers, Maas Bros. Construction Manager. “The good news is the concrete work is about finished, seating blocks are almost all in place, and many of the fixtures are on-site and ready to be installed…next comes topsoil, grass, and plantings which should be in by end of October. As soon as we receive the railings and other back ordered items, we’ll be installing them.”

“Good things do take time to build and get right,” Salas concluded. “Join me in looking forward to a Grand Celebration to open the Bentzin Family Town Square in Spring 2023…and then a summer filled with activities and events for people of all ages to enjoy.”



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