Town Square Project Highlights


A TWall Enterprises development in Green Bay was the catalyst for future development. TWall has signed a development agreement with the City of Watertown to build an 87-unit apartment complex with 2,800 SF of commercial space on the floor level. It will be build in the "Main Street" style with awnings, signage, and lighting. Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022 with completion eyed for Fall 2023.

City Council Paves Way for
Major Development Project

Approval of the agreement with TWall Enterprises represents the culmination of negotiations between TWall, the Watertown Redevelopment Authority (RDA), and the City. The RDA began laying the foundations for this project in 2017 by investing in the creation of the Town Square at the corner of Main and Water streets.

"We give our thanks to those individuals who put the interests of the community first," said Rob Marchant, Chair of the RDA. "The development before the Council was a direct product of their good will."

This project would not have been possible without the RDA's purchase of properties in the west 100 block along Main Street, the commitment from the City, and the willingness of all involved to see the bigger picture. 

TWall Enterprises presented the Council with a PowerPoint showcasing examples of similar projects their company has built. “Our second objective is to create a development that will revitalize this area of the downtown and our third objective is to have iconic architecture, a beacon you can see from a distance and know you are in Watertown,” he said. As its defining feature, the building intends to include a clock tower at its northwest corner in traditional Main Street-style architecture.



Your Opportunity Begins Here:

Watertown's Town Square


Provide a sense of place for building community.


Create a world-class, open-air gathering space for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.


The Town Square is a one-acre, multi-purpose gathering place located in Watertown’s historic district along the Rock River. The Square will be actively managed and programmed year round, creating social and educational opportunities that foster diverse and dynamic community engagement. The goal is to serve as a catalyst for economic activity by increasing pedestrian traffic and attracting the attention of 9,200+ vehicles that pass by each day.



A quick opening of the exhibit before the rain. From left: Alex Allon, Strategic Initiatives and Development Coordinator; City of Watertown; Bank First representatives: Crystal Burke, Personal Banker; Kathy Schleicher, Retail Banking Officer; and Tom Pasch, VP - Business Banker. Mayor Emily McFarland, City of Watertown; Watertown High School Art Teachers: Dave Pawl and Jana Strobel.

Bank First sponsors
first Town Square Art Exhibit

With a generous gift from Bank First, the WHS Art Department has teamed up with the City of Watertown’s Redevelopment Authority and the Watertown Arts Council to beautify the construction fence surrounding the future Town Square.


Student artists created hundreds of fine art boards for placement on the "gallery" fence. In addition area professional artists contributed to the exhibit which will be on display until the Fall. 

The public is invited to this free, open-air gallery.



Town Square Design Steering Committee, appointed by RDA to oversee design of Town Square: Back Row from left: Michael Sullivan; Randy Wojtasiak, Watertown Director of Parks & Recreation; Melissa Lampe, Mainstreet Director; Peg Checkai, Watertown Library Director. Seated: Candy Stramara and David Zimmermann, RDA Board Member. Missing Lisa Adrian.

Meet the Town Square Design Steering Committee

Working with RDA Executive Director Kristen Fish-Peterson and Tom Rogers of the SmithGroup, the Town Square Design Steering Committee is excited by the opportunities the new town square will offer Watertown. Concerts, a farmers' market, family fun time activities, the list goes on and on. 

The town square is scheduled to open in 2022.


Sea Wall Findings Create Delays

February 9, 2021

It's not a matter of "if" the wall will fail, it's a matter of "when". The RDA and City are taking the long-term approach and fixing the wall now vs a short-term "patch" which will cause more disruption and costs to replace after the town square is built.

The Town Square is scheduled to open in 2022.


Last Days of Demolition

June 3, 2020

The buildings are almost down and the site will be tested for contamination and the underground tank will be located. Next step…topsoil and grass seed. We're looking forward to a beautiful green space.


Demolition Begins on 
Former Daily Times Building 

May 27, 2020

The last building in the 100 block is being demolished now…readying the site for Watertown's new Town Square. Plans are to finish demolition by the end of May and then soil testing begins.


Two Grants Received, Demolition Resumes at Town Square Site

May 12, 2020

The RDA and City of Watertown received notice of award and grant contracts from Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and DNR for Phase II Environmental Testing and Demolition. Grants totaling $165,300, give the green light to proceed with project located in the 100 West Main Street block. 

Demolition should be completed by end of May 2020

Unveiling of the Town Square Design Meeting

February 12, 2020

Speaking to a full house, Tom Rogers, Principal, Studio Leader with the SmithGroup presents features of the new town square to the public at the unveiling of the town square design.

Town Square Highlights


From left: Lisa Adrian, Town Square Design Steering Committee Member; Kristen Fish-Peterson, Executive Director of RDA; Dave Zimmerman, Town Square Design Steering Committee Member and RDA Member; Bob Mudler, District 1 Alderperson; Bill Maron, District 8 Alderperson and RDA Member; Emily McFarland, Mayor; John David, Former Mayor; Karen Huismann, Watertown TV; Kraig Biefeld, Fire Chief; and Randy Wojtasiak, Park & Recreation Director.

Town Square Ground Breaking & Demolition Begins

February 4, 2020

Members of the community with a vested interest in the downtown revitalization commemorate the start of the demolition of the buildings on the 100 block of south side of west Main Street. “This is really exciting,” said John David, former Watertown Mayor.

The crowd lingered to watch the first building being torn down. Environmental testing will occur at 111 and 115 which hopefully will be completed by mid-March. All building are expected to be removed and excavation completed by mid-June. Watching the buildings come down, Kristen Fish-Peterson said, “This is an exciting day, we’re witness to watching progress and more importantly seeing another example of the Redevelopment Authority turning opportunity into results.”