415 E. Main Street

The Watertown Redevelopment Authority unanimously approved a loan and grant for 415 E. Main Street property owner Misti Hawn in August 2021. Contractors have already begun the facelift, removing the old siding to expose its original facade. Built in 1880 on property owned by Charles Goette, the building was used as a dry goods store then converted to a saloon run by John Brusenbach. It remained a saloon until prohibition, then became a soda fountain and a drug store. Currently the building is occupied by Canna Bloom Farmacy.

• • •

“This project is a perfect example of the kind of investments the RDA makes to encourage reinvestment in under-utilized areas of the city. This project is truly a labor of love…not only bringing the building back to resemble its original façade but giving a gift of history to future generations.”

- Alex Allon, Executive Director - Watertown Redevelopment Authority


117 N. Second Street

Historical photos dating to 1879 show the building was occupied by Weltbürger Printing Office. In the early 1900s, it housed Neumann & Krueger Cigar Manufactury and later Art’s Shoe Service, John Klemann Music Shop, a number of realtors, and most recently law offices. In 2019, Deerfield Properties purchased the building. Renovations include a complete remodel of the main floor, the creation of two high-end apartments on the second floor, and an exterior facelift. 

• • •

“I am very, very thankful that the RDA exists. This is my second project with the RDA…the first project went so well. Without RDA low interest rate loans, projects would never be economically feasible, so they would not happen. This building is an example of that. It would have never been updated, never been residential on the upper level if it wasn’t for the RDA program.”

- Dan Rahfaldt, Owner/President - Deerfield Properties



300 E. Madison Street

Built in the 1890’s, this building was home to the William Kopfer Saloon. Prior to its purchase in 2020 by Fourth Corner LLC, the lower level (commercial space) had been vacant for 12 years. Former occupants include Ken’s Tap, Yangers Pub, and 5 Star Realty.

• • •

“We could not have done this project without the RDA revolving loan. The RDA board was very supportive of the project and shared our vision for revitalizing this property. Upon approval, loan funds were distributed very quickly allowing us to keep pace with contractor availability.We are very thankful to the RDA and the revolving loan program they provide.”

- Bob Mudler, Owner - Fourth Corner, LLC